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Party Lights

Curtain lights 3.0m drop - BW (waterfall)

3m wide, 3m drop

Bright white waterfall effect

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Curtain Lights – 3m drop - waterfall effect


Indoor Power required: 230VAC (no transformer required)


Size of light set: 3m wide, 3m drop


Description: 10 strands, 30cm apart, each strand 30 LED, 10cm apart



Bright white LED                                  Warm white LED



Light type:  LED


Number of lights per set:  300


Colour of lights: Bright white


Connectable / Extendable: No


Flashing Control box:  Yes–steady is also one of the 8 options


Wire colour:  Transparent           


Technical specs: Current 0.015A / Power: 13,5W/m


Postage weight per set: 500g


Use:  Indoor / Outdoor*              


*When using outdoor, protect any power connections against direct moisture.


Ideal for: Weddings, Safe to use behind organza / materials, long-lasting LED quality


Precautions and connection solutions:


Avoid cutting lighting wires to connect more than one set to the same power source.


Consider using 30A connectors and ripcord to connect multiple lighting sets – take appropriate sealing precautions.


Your Decorative Lighting Solution For All Occasions


Use these lights for: Weddings, Garden, Parties, Diwali, Christmas, New Years


Create a backdrop or center-piece (see the pictures below for ideas)



Combine lights and save on postage

Also available in 6m wide, and blue or multicolour

Email any other request to info@partylights.co.za


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