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Party Lights
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Party Lights - Outdoor Cable

Outdoor cable sold per meter, use with outdoor bulb holders
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Illumination Cables

2.5mm², Illumination (PVC/Rubber) Cable

Technical Data

  • Voltage Rating: 300/300V
  • Cable Size: 2.5mm²
  • Number of Cores: 2
  • Conductor Resistance @ 20ºC Maximum: 7.98 ohm/km
  • Current rating *: 25A
  • 1Ø Volt Drop: 15 mV/A/m
  • Approx. Overall Diameter: 10.2x5.6mm
  • Approx. Mass per 100m Coil: 12kg

* Note
- Assumed ambient air temperature 30ºC
- Assumed maximum conductor temperature 70ºC


How to order

Measure total length of cable required for outdoor use.

Remember to add a few meters to reach your indoor/outdoor plug-point.

Attach a plugtop to one end of the cable, simply insulate the other end against moisture (use insulation tape).

Attach the Party Lights - Bulb Holders at your required spacing along the length of cable.

Discounted prices automatically applied for 25 and 100m+


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Email: info@partylights.co.za

Collections in Waterkloof Ridge, Pretoria (only with an online order number)