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Party Lights


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Install your own lights easily.

Do not cut any lighting chain wires - most lights cannot be connected to each other (unless advertised and sold with an inter-connectable plug).

Reduce costs and power connection points by using twinflex wire, and 30A connector strips.

Ensure you insulate your connections and keep away from children and moisture.

Use automatic timers to display during viewing times.

Email your request to: info@partylights.co.za

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DIY Solutions

Analogue Industrial Timer

Switches loads of up to 2000 Watts (10 Amps)

Sales price: R270.00
Sales price without tax: R236.84
Current Stock Level

Analogue Programmable Timer

Weekly Analogue Programmable Timer

Sales price: R130.00
Sales price without tax: R114.04
Current Stock Level

Appliance Surge Protector

protect appliances against surges

Sales price: R108.30
Sales price without tax: R95.00
Current Stock Level

Chinese lanterns - 20cm to 60cm

round, white only

Sales price: R159.60
Sales price without tax: R140.00
Current Stock Level

Connector strips - 30A

Connector strips - 30A

Sales price: R23.00
Sales price without tax: R20.18
Current Stock Level

Day/Night Control Switch - 25A

25A Day/Night Control Switch

Sales price: R102.60
Sales price without tax: R90.00
Current Stock Level

Day/Night Control Switch - 6A

Day/Night Control Switch - 6A

Sales price: R68.40
Sales price without tax: R60.00
Current Stock Level

Digital Multi Timer

School siren timer
Switching loads up to 3500 watts

Sales price: R540.00
Sales price without tax: R473.68
Current Stock Level

Digital Programmable Timer

Max load 16A 3 500W
Min Setting Time 1 Minute

Sales price: R250.00
Sales price without tax: R219.30
Current Stock Level

DIN adaptor

Samite to DIN adaptor

Sales price: R10.00
Sales price without tax: R8.77
Current Stock Level

E27 to B22 adapter

Connect E27 globe to a B22 fitting

Sales price: R30.00
Sales price without tax: R26.32
Current Stock Level

GP Wire 2.5mm - Black

Household Wire 2.5mm - Black

Sales price: R3.00
Sales price without tax: R2.63
Current Stock Level

LED Globes - multi-colour fast

Steady, multicolour, 25mm plastic globe, 1W, 230V

Sales price: R45.00
Sales price without tax: R39.47
Current Stock Level

Motion sensor

360° Ceiling Mount

Sales price: R262.20
Sales price without tax: R230.00
Current Stock Level

MTD3 - Analogue Programmable Timer

24 Hour Analogue timer

Sales price: R82.08
Sales price without tax: R72.00
Current Stock Level

MTD8 - Digital Industrial Programmable Timer

For pool pumps, geysers and appliances up to 20 Amps, 4600 Watts

Sales price: R180.00
Sales price without tax: R157.89
Current Stock Level

Party Lights - Bulb Holders

Lamp holder for big bayonet BC/B22 bulbs

Sales price: R14.00
Sales price without tax: R12.28
Current Stock Level

Party Lights - Outdoor Cable

DIY Outdoor cable sold per meter

Sales price: R13.00
Sales price without tax: R11.40
Current Stock Level


Plugtop 15A

Sales price: R22.00
Sales price without tax: R19.30
Current Stock Level

Siren - 230v (1000m)

Siren - 230v (1000m)

Sales price: R1,824.00
Sales price without tax: R1,600.00
Current Stock Level

Siren - 230v (250m)

Siren - 230v (250m)

Sales price: R456.00
Sales price without tax: R400.00
Current Stock Level

Siren - 230v (500m)

Siren - 230v (500m)

Sales price: R1,254.00
Sales price without tax: R1,100.00
Current Stock Level

Twinflex / Ripcord

0.5mm wire (per meter) or 100m rolls

Sales price: R3.00
Sales price without tax: R2.63
Current Stock Level

USB Cable

Samsung D900i USB sync cable

Sales price: R120.00
Sales price without tax: R120.00
Current Stock Level


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