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Analogue Programmable Timer

Weekly Analogue Programmable Timer

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Weekly Analogue Programmable Timer MTD5


  • Programming timer is a simple and quick procedure
  • Switches loads of up to 3500 Watts
  • Time duration of the required working time of home appliance can be set by pushing in the joint slices
  • Real time can be set by turning the disc in the direction of the arrow until the marked point indicates the current time
  • IEC60730 Safety Standard

To Set the Time
Rotate the dial clockwise until the current time is lined-up with the arrow on
the dial face. The hours are marked around the edge of the dial in week format.
Each marker between the hour numbers represents 2 hours.
To Set the Timer
The timer is triggered by the black push down / pull out segments located
around the dial. Each segment represents 2 hours.
One segment is pushed down at number 6. The timer will switch the chosen
appliance on at 06:00 (6:00 am) and switch off at 08:00 (8:00 am).
The timer will permit up to 96 on/off programs in one weekly period.
To select a segment to the ‘switch on’ position push down the chosen segment
by using a ballpoint pen, small screwdriver or other similar implement.
To deselect a segment pull out the respective segment.
To operate
After setting the timer to the desired on/off programs, plug the timer into a mains
wall socket. Make sure the socket
is switched off.
Plug in the lamp or appliance you wish the timer to control.
Turn the chosen lamp or appliance ‘on’. Switch on the wall socket.
Note: The timer will not work if the lamp or appliance is switched ‘off’.
Ensure the current time is
set correctly on the timer dial.
For Lighting & appliances up to 16 Amps
220 ~ 240V AC ~ 50 Hz
Do not overload


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