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Icicle lights - Bright White - 4m

Bright white 4m wide

drops from 30cm to 70cm
Sales price R320.00
Sales price without tax R278.26

The 1.5m lead wire is white with a 2-pin plug, leading to a white connector.
The icicle lights have transparent wire.
At the end of the 4m wide icicle lights set, is another white connector (for extension purposes).

Indoor Power required: 230VAC (no transformer required)

Description: 4M wide, extra 1.5m lead wire

Light type:  LED

Number of LED per set:  200

Colour of lights: Bright white


Connectable / Extendable: Yes (includes it's own extendable connector)

Flashing Control box:  No - steady only

Wire colour:  Transparent           


Set is 4m wide

40x drops, spacing 10cm between drops

Drops vary in length from 70cm to 30cm ie 70cm, 30cm, 60cm, 40cm, etc to end

Spacing between LEDs in each drop: 10cm


Technical specs: Current 0.015A / Power: 8,1W/m

Rating: IP20 for indoor use only.

The rating for this product is for indoor use.

Some people use them outdoors by ensuring they are plugged indoors and the lights are kept away from direct/continuous moisture.

Do so at your own risk.


Postage weight per set: 400g

Other uses:


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