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12V 240Ah OPR Deep Cycle Rechargeable AGM / GEL Hybrid VRLA Solar Battery

OmniPower 240Ah 12V Sealed Battery
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12V 240Ah OPR Deep Cycle Rechargeable AGM / GEL Hybrid VRLA Solar Battery

These batteries are advertised as based on 20 years of R&D. However, based on my experience with these batteries:

After installing 4x OmniPower 240Ah 12V Sealed Batteries, we tested to 50% discharge set level, and we were initially impressed at having 12hrs+ to power our small home office.

With high summer temperatures (>25°C), and no cooling system for the batteries (read the fine print), we discovered that the backup power reduced progressively.

This is not something we test everyday, week, or month (only by experience during loadshedding).

So, after a bit of troubleshooting, checking settings, etc. we filed a warranty claim (after 14 months of purchase).

The Sinetech OPR RMA Report result was:

All batteries failed the discharge test. This illustrating that the batteries no longer serve their purpose. The batteries failed due to dry out. Dry out occured due to the inverter charger not compensating for temperature variations but is rather providing a static voltage with temperature variations and therefore requires a purpose-built battery room/box which is maintained between 20 25 deg C so that gassing does not occur. The OPR batteries require temperature compensation of 5.5mV per degree Celsius which Axpert/Mecer/ETC inverters do not provide for.

Further, the State of Health of the batteries were found to be <10%, <40%, <20% and <40% for each of the batteries.

This listing is for sale of the <10% battery with serial number AI0240Z8A0068 and is sold as a heavy paperweight (of approx 45kg) - Buyers beware!

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