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Motif - Santa with Reindeer

Made with 46m+ rope light
Recently refurbished/painted
See below for shipping concerns
Sales price R4,035.09
Sales price without tax R3,508.77

This is a huge item, it comes in 2 pieces/sections. See dimensions below.

It has been recently refurbished with bright white LED rope lights and painted with glass stain paint.

The attached pictures are of the actual finished product.

This is our first project using glass stain/paint, so we don't know how long the paint will last in outdoor environments.


Mounted on a sturdy metal frame - ideal for outdoor use


 • - in your window


• - on your balcony


• - on the outside wall


• - on your roof


• - or in your garden




 Made with 46m rope light


 Size  ** Note: This is a long piece - comes in 2x sections measuring almost 5m long!


Height : 150cm


Width : 485cm


Thickness : 3cm


Power rating 240V  50-60Hz  650W




NB - The shipping rate for motifs longer than 1m will have to be confirmed with a suitable courier company. Expect an updated shipping quote after check-out.



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