Wholesale terms

Compare our online prices - we aim to match or beat any genuine SA quotation that is available to anyone (stock must be readily available at any quantity and without special authorisation/loopholes).

We openly advertise ex VAT and VAT inclusive prices for your convenience.

No need to apply for a wholesale account; wholesale discounts are applied directly in everybody's cart.

We automatically apply direct and indirect discounts as follows:

  • When you buy above a given value, you get Free courier delivery, and
  • In accordance to the quantity of each item ordered.

For example:

if you order 1 to 4 of one item, the normal price will apply.

if you order 5 to 9 of the same item, a typical discount of 10% will apply.

if you order 10 or more of the same item, a further 10% discount will apply.

(The above is an example only, and quantity discounts are applied depending on the type of bulk packaging that we received).



Our website wholesale pricing takes into account the most expensive cost to us (inter-alia):

Packaging size and weight,

Shipping method - see our Free courier info,

Payment methods eg Credit card payments,

Foreign exchange at the time of pricing, ie you get old stock at old prices.


For other bulk purchases where the discount is not already automatically applied in your cart, email us to enquire about a possible wholesale discount.

Registered users can request quotations online, and by stating your required shipping and payment method.

We will respond via emailed quote (valid for 24hrs only).

Don't bother asking me for discount based on a few personal items, and of low value.