Collection: Outdoor Lights

Illuminate your garden with strings of bulbs


We sell the components, so you can assemble your own string of outdoor lights, according to your own specifications.

  • Some bulbs cannot be left outdoors in moisture/rain - the vent holes allow water to seep into the bulb. Remove the bulbs when not in use.
  • Note: all plastic/rubber products will eventually perish when left out in the rain & sun.
  • Approximate cost for 25m with 25 bulbs and holders, with plugtop = R1900 approx.
    • Choose the length of outdoor cable eg. 25m @ R15pm = R375
    • The B22 outdoor bulbs we recommend, come in Warm White (classic look for weddings) and Bright White (looks good with outdoor vegetation). The luminous intensity can be determined by the 1W, 3W or 5W options.
    • Determine if the purpose of the bulbs is to create light (5W) or for mood (1W). The purpose, and height above your focus area, will also determine the spacing between bulbs.
    • Determine the number of bulb holders and B22 bulbs needed eg. 25 bulbs at 1m spacing = 25 bulbs (and holders) @ R60 = R1500.
    • Add a plugtop @ R25.
    • If you decide to use the E27 bulbs, you need the E27/B22 adaptor to plug into the bulb holders.