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How Small Decisions Impact Our Financial Wellbeing

How Small Decisions Impact Our Financial Wellbeing

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This book reads like a story, not like most other financial books which are very technical in nature.

With a South African touch, and South African characters, it is highly recommended to anyone who wants to improve their financial decision making.

'My insight into people's unique financial behaviour and financial positions over the last 12 years, as well as my interest in psychology over the years, placed me in an ideal situation to share my insight about people's finances in the form of a book, says Sieg Prigge, author of 'How small decisions impact our financial wellbeing'

The best way I could do this, he says, was to tell a story of two friends who earn a similar income but who make different financial decisions and track this effect over time. They start at age 18 and book one ends when they are 39. Book two will cover age 39 to post-retirement age.

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