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LED Flexible strip - Ultraviolet

LED Flexible strip - Ultraviolet

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5 meter LED flexible strip, can be bent horizontally - excludes the power supply

60 LEDs/4,8W p/m, Ultraviolet IP20, non waterproof 8mm

Type:  SMD3528 LED

Qty:  60 leds/m

Voltage DC 12V

Power <4.8W/m

L: 5m/reel

PCB width: 8mm

    • Working Voltage : DC 12V
    • Output Power : 36W
    • Luminous Flux : 240 Lumens/Meter
    • Avelength : 395-405nm
    • PCB Color : White
    • Dimmable : Yes(dimmer required)
    • Trimmable : Yes(cuttable every three LEDs)
    • Drive Mode : Contant Voltage
    • Beam Angle : 120°
    • Viewing Angle : adjustable by mounting position
    • Working Tempreture : -20°to 50°
    • Size : L500cm x W0.8cm x T0.2cm


  • Ultraviolet light can be used for test paper money and disinfection
  • Widely used for home, hotels, clubs, shopping malls. Architectural decorative lighting, boutique atmosphere lighting
  • Extensively applied in Backlighting, concealed lighting Emergency & security lighting, advertisement sign lighting
  • Holiday, event, show exhibition decoration.
  • Auditorium walk stairway lighting, Hidden groove, Wine cabinet Decor
  • Amusement park, theater and aircraft cabin mood lighting
  • Applicable for automobile, boat and bicycle decoration

Device Strip
Type Led | Flexible
Highlights Length : 5 Meters
No of LEDs 60 / meter
Viewing Angle 120°
Illuminance 240lm
Power 7,2W
Operating Voltage 12VDC
Length 5 Meters
If the lights have a power rating of 7.2W per meter:
The length of strip lights that can be powered is approximately 6.9 meters.
This is calculated as follows: 12V x 5A = 60W / 7.2W per meter = 8.33 meters.
The actual length of strip lights that can be powered is slightly less than this due to inefficiency in the power supply and losses in the cable.
See Metal Case Switching Power Supply
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