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Strip lights - LED cool white

Strip lights - LED cool white

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56 LEDs per meter,
sold per meter - excludes the controller

LED strip light encased in rectangular plastic

Size 10.5mm x 7mm

56 LED per meter

Power rating: approx 9W per meter

Buy the controller separately

  • Steady controller for steady option only up to 30m, or
  • Flashing controller with 8-function option to power approx 50m 

Plug the controller into a normal 2-pin 230V outlet.


The strip light can be cut at every 1m intervals only.

Connect the controller into one end, seal the other end with tape/silicone.

Use saddles to mount under counters, under bulkheads or at the top of a frame.

Discount rates automatically applied before check-out at 20, 40, 100m

We cut from a 100m roll to your length requirement.

When using outdoor, protect the 2-pin plug and control box from moisture, rain, etc.

Use this Strip light for

  • Weddings, Garden, Parties, Diwali, Christmas, New Years
  • Bulkheads, shopfronts
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